rock band class

First started in 2013, our rock band program brings like minded musicians together in a band setting.  Each class meets once a week for one hour.  Each session is approximately 8 to 10 weeks, commencing with a final performance at a local having a real gig!   The course is lead by a professional musician who teaches our students how to play in a band setting.  Typically, students learn the songs in their private lessons and come together to play as a group (guitar/drums/vocals/bass/piano).  Currently, we are running 11 bands (8 x kids bands, 4 x adult bands).  Our bands range from 10/11 year olds to adults. 

Our sessions run from:

  1. September - late November

  2. January - April

  3. April - June

  4. Summer sessions


  • 1 hour classes once a week

  • 8-10 week sessions

  • Final performance at a local bar

  • Course lead by a professional musician (Jake Chisholm, Glen Richardson, Evan Ritchie, Brian McIntyre)

  • Bands divided into age and appropriate levels

  • Kids bands and adult bands (ages 11/12 +)

  • 3-4 songs per band/session

  • A great supplement to your private lessons

  • $25 per class


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past performances (VIDEOS)