Snider Music's history

  • AUGUST 16, 1919 – Dave Snider was born in Hull, Quebec to parents Jack & Bella Sniderman. Jack Snider was a professional Vaudeville drummer who also performed for many silent movies. Jack taught piano until the age of 78. Jack taught so many students in Ottawa and Toronto, that he found himself teaching the grandkids of his original students.

  • 1940 – 1945 – Dave Snider enlisted in the Military where he played lead trumpet in the Army Signal Corp Band. Dave was stationed in Canada and Europe throughout the War.

  • 1949 – Art Snider started United Music Centre. A teaching studio on Bloor St. near Bathurst. Dave taught trumpet during day and performed for numerous radio shows and live acts throughout Toronto. Dave was performing 7 days a week as a professional musician.

Dave Snider's military photo. circa 1943

  • 1953 – Along with 2 partners (including Elis McClintock), Dave took over United Music Centre and changed the name to McClintock Snider Studios. At it’s peak, McClintock Snider Studios had 500 students a week.

  • 1960 – Dave bought out his partners and opened Dave Snider Music Centre at 2489 Yonge St. (Yonge & Castlefield). This music centre included a retail division and maintained its student base. Student enrolment was over 550 students a week. Alice Snider, Dave’s wife, worked at the music store and was in charge of the sheet music division. Alice had a great knack of knowing what would sell. Dave Snider Music Centre earned the reputation for having the best teaching staff in Toronto, including many of the top musicians in the city.

Sr. Andrews By The Sea, written by Jack Snider 1964

  • 1965 – Dave Snider Music Centre moved to 2537 Yonge St. (Yonge & Sherwood) to a larger premises. The retail division increased becoming the best known and well stocked music book store in Toronto.

  • 1968 – Michael Snider joined his father, Dave and took full time employment at the Dave Snider Music Centre. Michael also taught saxophone privately to numerous students a week.

  • 1970 – 1983 – As the sheet music division continued to grow and overall retail sales increased, Michael Snider stopped teaching and took over the sheet music department of the store. Dave Snider Music Centre continued to be the best known sheet music store in Toronto and one of the best in Canada due to an increase in mail order sales.

Article about Dave Snider Music Centre. 1977

  • 1984 – Dave Snider Music Centre moved to its current location at 3225 Yonge St. (Yonge & Lawrence). At this location, 5 teaching studios were built and the student base ranged from 250 – 300 students a week. The retail division continued to grow as music book sales were at its peak.

  • 2002 – Dave Snider Music Centre once again became known as one of the best teaching studios in Toronto. As the demand increased, the upper level of the building was taken over and transformed into teaching studios. 7 new studios were built, and the student base continued to grow.

  • 2010 – As student enrollment continued to grow, Warren Snider (Michael’s son / Dave’s grandson) bought the music school from Dave Snider Music centre and operated it as a separate entity.  The new name for the school was Snider School of Music Inc. At this point, student enrollment peaked at 550-600 students a week.

  • April, 2012 – Snider School of Music continued to grow and found itself in a position to take over the lease at 3225 Yonge St. A massive renovation took place and an overall modernization of the building occurred. 4 new teaching studios were built on the main floor and the basement was completely gutted to incorporate a new large music room. The book and retail divisions were also restructured.

  • Snider School of Music now houses 750 – 800 students a week and maintains a boutique style retail division which has become guitar-centric. Sales of music accessories have risen, acoustic guitar sales and the classic books (Beatles, Rolling Stone, Elton John, Billy Joel) continue to sell.

  • The biggest change has been the addition of the large music room in the basement. Here, Snider School of Music houses many Rock Band classes and Acoustic Band classes where students have the opportunity to form bands and make music with like-minded musicians.

  • June, 2018 – Snider Music hosts two nights at Chalkers Bistro & Pub for their student/staff jam. 7 student bands perform (4 kids bands, 3 adult bands) and many solo performers play throughout the event. Over 300 people attend this event. Our music nights take place three times a year. Look out for the next "Jam Night" if you want to perform or simply take in a wonderful night of music