jake chisholm

Instruments: Guitar, Rock Band Instructor

Jake Chisholm has been teaching at Snider Music for over 15 years.  He first started as a Saturday regular and taught rock, blues, jazz and improvisation to adults and young beginners.  In 2012 when we started our rock band program, Jake was the perfect choice to head up this new program.  As a veteran of the Toronto music scene, Jake certainly knows what it takes to play in band...and what doesn't work!  Since 2012, Jake has taught over 80 sessions of rock band to both kids and adults. 


Jake Chisholm and his band perform 'I Want You The Way You Are', live inside Lincoln County Social Club.

Questions and Answers

Top three albums

Axis Bold as love,
Led Zeppelin 3,
Real folk Blues Muddy Water

Best live music experience

I Love em all for different reasons

Favourite Restaurant / Food

El Asador

Favourite scale

It all goes back to the pentatonic scales

List all the instruments you can play

Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Lap steel

First musical experience

Music has been a part of my life from birth, There was always someone playing or singing at my house when I was a kid.

Most influential artist

Jimi Hendrix, Duke Ellington…

I like to teach because…

Passing on any thing I’ve learned is a real joy to me, and music is such a great way to build skills, confidence and a strong self identity.

Favourite movie

Star Wars

Why is music important to you?

Music is great communicator of common feelings. People from many walks of life can can identify with it instantly. The act of playing or studying music uses and develops so many cognitive and personal skills, as well as being a very positive social activity.