david chodoriwsky

Instruments: Piano

Area of specialty: Classical piano, young beginner’s, advanced classical (RCM).

questions & answers

Top ten albums

Goldberg Variations, 1982 recording (Glenn Gould)
Mahler Fifth Symphony (Dudamel)
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Smashing Pumpkins)
Girl Versions (Emm Gryner)
Music for 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
August and Everything After (Counting Crows)
Brahms D Minor Piano Concerto (Gould/Bernstein)
Schubert Piano Sonata D.960 (Brendel, for now at least)
Songs by Charles Ives and George Crumb’s Apparition (DeGaetani/Kalish)
Shostakovich Symphony No. 7 (Mravinsky)

Best live music experience

Ottawa 2007 – The NAC Orchestra with guest conductor Gustavo Dudamel

Favourite Restaurant / Food


Favourite scale

I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan, but I guess major is fine enough.

List all the instruments you can play

Piano, organ, voice, euphonium (once upon a time)

First musical experience

I remember when I was quite young, my brother and I would load up the turntable with Village People records and dance around.

Most influential artist

Glenn Gould, my piano teachers (equally for all the good and bad that came from them)

I like to teach because…

It is a way to give of myself to others and (hopefully!) cultivate in students a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the music making experience.

Favourite movie

The first of the new Star Trek films, Garden State, Amélie

Why is music important to you?

It is a gateway to express that which can never be fully expressed through words.




David Chodoriwsky played Debussy's Étude pour les arpèges composés during Week 41 of his Solo Each Week video challenge for 2015.
David Chodoriwsky played the Second Movement from Schubert's B-Flat Sonata, D. 960 during Week 46 of his Solo Each Week video challenge for 2015.